Rivers in Paradise: Jewish Poetry and Prose

Here is almost all the Jewish poetry and prose I have written that is not published in printed-book form. Most or all of it is already on this web site or my www.medievalhebrewpoetry.org web site, but I decided to put it in one .pdf document. Whether eventually I will turn it into a printed book is something I don’t know right now.

This collection is divided into the following sections:

Midrash and Torah, Talmud, Zohar, A Poetic Miscellany, Imaginessays on Five Medieval Hebrew Poets, and A Prosaic Miscellany of Purimspiels and Nonpurimspiels.

You will find everything here from magic spells to newly discovered mystical texts, from new interpretations of famous Talmudic passages to a conversation with the famous medieval poet Yehudah Halevi, from the outline of a guide to sex in the sukkah to a poem lambasting Queen Isabella. From the serious to the silly, it’s all here.

Click the following link to look at Rivers in Paradise: Jewish Poetry and Prose. 

I hope you enjoy! But, if you don’t, you will be hearing from one of the angels I have enlisted to help me in such matters.