The Grand Synthesis

there’s more than meets the eye to life, whether a deeper connection, special sensitivity to nature or people, heightened compassion, thinking there’s more to life than shopping and mayhem, the illusion that this is all there is and also perhaps the illusion that there’s more, getting caught up in projections and fantasies, tangled in a web of confusion about things

the prds—
4 entered.
the four worlds entered
the 4 entered the prds, the orchard of interpretation (Hebrew: peshat, literal; remez, allegorical/symbolic; derash, metaphorical; sod, secret); also, paradise. beware being snared in these or any one of them, thinking this is the ultimate reality. the water is the illusion, also the the imagination; beware of illusions and fantasies and imaginings. below is what seems solid rock, reality, but it is covered by a layer of water, illusion, so maybe it is not as solid and “real” as we would think, like, hope, or want. we try to penetrate the layers of interpretation, but again, water is everywhere. these too are not what they seem, just constructions, illusions. as for who came out crazy, apostate, normal, etc.—these match the four worlds—formation, doing, feeling, spirit. the four rabbis enter, thinking they are going into the orchard, paradise, but things are not what they seem. water = maya.

is there an external world, or is it all illusion?
there is an external world, with substance. however, we create much of that world. e.g., my girlfriend is an illusion, constructed from my fantasies, wishes, projections, and so on. i do not really know or see the “real” girlfriend. i cannot. or rather, by becoming pure awareness, i am simply aware of her and me and us, without the overlay of maya. i can achieve this through meditation, just breathing, choiceless awareness, as krishnamurti says. i do not know her “real” name. her essence. in this state of pure awareness, if such is possible, there are no qualities or thoughts, just the pure experience of the Other, as she is, or so i would like to think.