Rivers in Paradise: Jewish Poetry and Prose

Rivers in Paradise cover

Here is almost all the Jewish poetry and prose I have written or edited that is not published in printed-book form. Most or all of it is already on this web site or on my www.medievalhebrewpoetry.org web site, but I decided to put it in one PDF document. Whether eventually I will turn it into a printed book is something I don’t know right now.

This collection is divided into the following sections: Torah and Midrash, Talmud, Zohar, Imaginessays on Five Medieval Hebrew Poets, A Poetic Miscellany, and A Prosaic Miscellany.

You will find everything here from magic spells to newly discovered mystical texts, from new interpretations of famous Talmudic passages to a conversation with the famous medieval Jewish poet Yehudah Halevi, from the outline of a guide to sex in the sukkah to a poem lambasting Queen Isabella. From the serious to the silly, it’s all here.

Currently there are two versions of the book, one with just a handful of photographs and the other with a lot of photographs. The poems and prose pieces themselves are almost identical, except that a few of the items in the heavily illustrated version have minor changes to fit with the illustrations, and there are some other modifications as well, but again, only minimally to the poems and prose pieces. You also will find in the heavily illustrated version a little heading called “Suggested Photo” or “Suggested Photos,” directing you to photos on the Internet for which I didn’t or couldn’t obtain permission to use in the book.

*Click the following link to look at the version with just a handful of photos: Rivers in Paradise: Jewish Poetry and Prose

*Click here to look at the heavily illustrated version of Rivers in Paradise: Jewish Poetry and Prose Illustrated.

I hope you enjoy! But, if you don’t, you will be hearing from one of the angels I have enlisted to help me in such matters.