Jewish Poems and Other Writings

Poems and prose I never thought I would write, connected with a religion I was born in to and never thought I would become not only interested in but fanatical about–although recently I think I hope I am more passionate than fanatical. However, my Jewish interests continue to develop in unexpected directions, from German and Austrian writers like Stefan Zweig and Lion Feuchtwanger to planned trips to Brazil, to try to find the grave of a great-uncle, and to Portugal, to learn about Portuguese Jews.

Coiling the Serpent–an a-to-z miscellany of poetry/prose.

Here I Seek You: Jewish Poems for Shabbat, Holy Days, and Everydays–a print collection of liturgical poems that can accompany the prayer service or be read or recited on their own.

Here I Seek You: Jewish Poems for Shabbat, Holy Days, and Everydaysa .pdf version of the printed book published in 2016 showing the poems in the context of the prayers.

A Workshop on Tishah b’Av, the saddest day of the Jewish year, and its special
poetry, called kinot.–my web site containing translations of poetry by different translators, “imaginessays” on the writers, photographs, a bibliography, links, and other information. Following is a link to the just the imaginessays–
essays that take liberties!

Medieval Hebrew Poets–Essays + Conversation–writings about Abraham Ibn Ezra, Yehudah Halevi, Solomon Ibn Gabirol, Moses Ibn Ezra, and Samuel Hanagid.

The Forlorn Young Woman–a recently discovered fragment of the Zohar.

The Forlorn Young Woman: Analysis, Interpretation, and Commentary–extensive explication of the recently discovered fragment of the Zohar.

The Wonderful Cholent: A Story of Rabbi Chaim Soloveitchik of Volozhin–
A Pursimspiel for 2017.