Sound Poem Designs and Notes in the Manner of the Artist Sol Lewitt

These ideas, diagrams, notes, and directions for sound poems were created in the early 1970s but never realized, fleshed out, or performed. Interested readers can, if they wish, try their hand at realizations. After the fact, I discovered Wall Drawings: 1984-1992, a book by artist Sol Lewitt (1928-2007) that contains instructions for constructing versions of his art, so I would say that unknowingly I was influenced by him.

Battery Park Event: Spatial Poems
Counterclockwise Amplified Quadraphonic Spatial Poem in the Shape of a Square
Counterclockwise Four-Voice Rhomboid Spatial Sound Poem with Pause
Kol Nidrei
Linear Poems
The Origin of Language
Shape for a Poem
Spatial Poems