Publications with My Sound Poems

A list of poems and their publications, organization A-Z by poems can be found at Publications. Below is the same basic information, with more information on the publications, organized by publication.

BAOBAB 5: ANTOLOGIA INTERNAZIONALE. Ed. Adriano Spatola. Edizioni Pubbliart Bazar or Edizioni Elytra, Reggio Emilia, 1981. “He Be Gee Be” and “Kola Joe” on side A. Also on tape are Bob Downes, Massimo Gualtieri, Enzo Minarelli, Gerald Bisinger, J. Luc Parant, P. Clive Fencott, Franco Verdi, Klaus Groh, and Paul Vangelisti).

BLACK BOX NO. 12. Ed. Alan Austin. Washington D. C.: The Watershed Foundation,  1977. “Honey Honey” and “Miami Maya” on side C. (Also on tapes Audre Lorde, Cynthia Genser, Lynn Sukenick, Charles Bernstein, Beth Joselow, Allen Ginsberg, Tess Gallagher, Leon Damas, and Joanna Cattonar.)

BREATHINGSPACE/77: AN INTERNATIONAL ANTHOLOGY OF SOUND-TEXT AND OTHER EXTENSIONS OF POETRY (also called BLACK BOX 15). Ed. Alan D. Austin. DC: The Watershed Foundation, 1978. “short poem,” “It Is,” and “Wichita Falls 1” on side C.

IN STEREO PRESS (online). “Axioms” and “Colorado.”


OGGI POESIA DOMANI 9/79. Curated by Adriano Spatola and Giovanni Fontana. “Short Poem.”

TEXT-SOUND TEXTS. Ed. Richard Kostelanetz. New York: William Morrow, 1980. “Wichita Falls 1.”

VARIETY THEATER: AN ANTHOLOGY OF RECORDED SOUND POETRY. Ed. Stephen Ruppenthal and Larry Wendt. San Francisco: La Mamelle 1977. Audiocassette. “Heated and Cheated” (1977) and “Long Poem” (1975).

WWW.DISCOGS.COM/ARTIST/703651: RECORDINGS OF FOUR SOUND POEMS. “Short Poem,” It Is,” Wichita Falls,” and “Oh No.”