Sound Poems

These poems have a strong or total sonic emphasis, often based on syllables, with conventional meaning usually of secondary or no importance. Play and playfulness tend to be the norm.

Click the arrows to listen to poems with audiofiles. Click a poem title to go to a page with both the text of a poem and the audiofile, so you can read and listen simultaneously.

Following this group of poems is additional material, including Sound to Sound: (En)Chanting Techniques, an essay/article on my sound poetry.

Ah Kiss Me


Badlands Dan


Child–Two Versions


Don Ann Dan til Dawn

The Fawn

4 Experiments with Syllables–Two Versions

Heated and Cheated-

Honey Honey

Horus Becomes Isis

It Is Is it

Kola Joe

Lava Lover

Miami Maya

More Rain

Oh No–

On a Fawn–

On Off On

People Dancing–

Short Poem-

6-Voice Poem

Structure 1–not quite a sound poem but on the way

structure two


Take a Deep

Thor Speaks

Torah Tarot

Two-Voice Overlap EWRs (Evolving Word Repetitions)


wichita falls 1

wichita falls 2
2014 & 1976 recordings:


Do-It Yourself Sound Poems
by the sea
the rise and fall of poetry

Additional Material
Instructions for Syllable Poems–These go with “Child” and “4 Experiments” and may go with other poems as well.
Sound Poem Designs and Notes after the Manner of the Artist Sol Lewitt
Sound to Sound: (En)Chanting Techniques–an essay/article on my sound poetry
Publications with My Sound Poems
Sound Poetry–Wikipedia

Reviews, Mentions, and Flyers
Richard Kostelanetz, “Text-Sound Art: A Survey,” part 2, in Performing Arts
, Winter 1978 (Vol. II, No. 3), p. 81.

Stephen Ruppenthal and Larry Wendt, “Vocable Gestures: A Historical Survey of Sound Poetry, in From Europe 1977: Art Contemporary, No. 9 (Vol. 3/No. 1), p. 95.

Stephen Ruppenthal and Larry Wendt, Variety Theatre: An Anthology of Recorded Sound Poetry. San Francisco: La Mamelle, 1977. Booklet accompanying tape of same name listed in “Publications with My Sound Poems” above. Click here for the Variety Theater Sound-Poetry Cassette-Tape Anthology Liner Notes (1977).

New York City Sound-Poetry Event organized in 1975 by Henry Rasof. Programs, bios, and Village Voice review by Tom Johnson.

West Coast International Sound Poetry Festival, November 1977, La Mamelle Arts Center, San Francisco. Flyer. 

Text-Sound-Poetry Exhibits in Italy–selected programs and notes.
Oggi Poesia Domani
Liceo Artistico Statale di Frosinone