Rainy Day Diary #1

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
point whats the point point counterpoint en pointe pointilistic who knows the point is
jewish not but should yesexceptfordimsum jewish bike ride read about ah if only i very jewish kill bill 2
ox no ox see ox lost in mist where ox? why me! ox jewish
sex no sex no sex no sex no sex nose x nosex sniff sniff
eggbeaters eggs eggbeaters eggbeaters combo half shell half’s hell what the heck
heaven hell heaven hell hell purgatory rebirth atlast
see don’t see see around us C seas choppy see seize
go easy come easy go we here again
salmon tilapia catfish salmon oil flax oil tempe solomon salomon
improv aleatory makeitup phyrgian mixolydian dorian toot toot playitagain
clear overcast rainy snowy haley meteors comets asteroids
creek river stream torrent crick brook ditch leaping lizard
road bike mtn bike cross bike tandem side-by-side recumbent tricycle unicyclewhatelse
up down up down goose duck goose duck
leak seek freak geek meek shall peak teak
belated just late early for once always tardy punctual punctually behind rear asshole