O Dear What Could the Matter Be?

tue wed thu fri sat sun mon
don’t work   work   don’t have to   outoforder
  don’t walk   wait   run  
$   look for $   don’t have to   what?
  no $   miami   let’s go  
me you   sell fish   immortality theweekistooshort
self selfish self   selfless    
allaboutme   care don’t care   quarter  
  allaboutyou     penny   nickelanddime
earn   earn don’t earn   nextlife thisone
posterity liveinthemoment posterior   interior exterior inferior
nothing matters everythingdoes nothing everything no thing every thing sweet nothings
cheerios wheat chex cheerios wheat chex cheerio wheat checks cheer rio!
      barbara susan    
hunt peck hunt pick transmigration gather rebirth
eternity   resurrection reincarnation     not this not that