Diary of a Coloradan ca. 2nd Millennium 1st May Week 2005

Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed
1/2 valium candles unknown plumbing lost in space wild oats other half
dreamy dreamless seamless nightmares hypnogogy prophecy wrong again
yam sweet pot. yam irish spud purple mr potato
puzzle puzzling puzzled perplexed famished confused jigsaw
evelyn susan brideshead runaway groom call it off bug off baby
bike psych mike trike shride birds of a all fall down
silly laughter hysterics hebrephenia outstanding take it back retarded
i didn’t mean yes i did try again take a hike please pleas for me moi?
omelette omelet eggsbeaters therealmccoy easy over upsidedown hi-chol attack
speaking of speaking of which? what did you? won’t work! what did U? but i like it!
let’s travel where? to mexico. when? next month. why? uplift.
syncline vertebra quake shake ‘n’ bake waves crevices lights out
bulb big bulb biggest bulbs tiny bulbous nano
jewish shabbat less so church anyone? pray a lot eat fish jewish anyone?
poet shlump poetic shlumpy prosaic evenmoreso soevenmore
then when who then who when why
at last first last at first later later last first
paper cloth parchment papyrus copper stone right
sonnet ghazal limerick couplet gacela quatrain steamless
steak lobster meat potatoes fish chips beans & rice