Dance of the Sugarplum Contraries

poet play right novelist
blind deaf essayist journalist belle lettrist overthehill
sing song touchless tasteless
play not to play pay 4 play wing ding ping
backwards work to screen play scream pray
spell check going am i now
writeenglish butitcomesout inhebrewsothe mate where was i?
esteem low high questionishow toalertthereader tothisfactanditis a fact no Q about it
bottom nadir underground self- middling skyhigh milehigh
knownothing no nothing do not know buried hidden subterranean shall i translate?
fear afraid fear incompetent fraud mindless amateur
believeinme see me read me earful fearful scared terrified
do re mi accept me help me support me mememememememe
yes no fa sol la si
leg hand arm oui non ken
think out of think out think of pull push tender tough
tense tension tension shun think tank
shunt ten suns shhhhhh