Dance of the Hours

Freitag Freitag Freitag Freitag Freitag Freitag Freitag
cloudy foggy drizzly misty frosty chilly damp
amichai bon ami bon bon chai doyouwant lessor    
i like you i want more i like you give me more i like your humor more, please  
flexible baggage outside box boxy feeling whatever you want boxing i am flexible
same different   new   gloves insane
coat paint second coat blue shows third still blue should i…? blueunderyellow
same old same old same old young jung 3 coins yarrow
i ching ching i like you i tao te ching   teaching
haiku hike hello coo jung again gesang der jung. young again
heat no heat low heat heated he did did he? heated & cheated
talk to me talk tell me what you frustration aaaargh!!! mirror, mirror  
i do not get it never will just can’t do it do not grok don’t understand if lost say something!
please! tell me now i don’t get you love you love you knot eat out where? when?