Calendar Daze 2005

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
Tunga Bodoni Univers Times Roman Helvetica Palatino Terminal
front cover half-title t of c title half-title frontis colophon
jacket tie slacks shorts thong low rider buttocks
holes moles knees ears toes penises breasts
halves seven eat   jack daniels old kentucky tennessee
chicken yellow green roast georgia louisiana  
turkey goose pheasant duck take cover back cover spine
stuffed   salad ribs slab brisket casket
cipher code secret   hidden knife  
  song thawing freezing hot warm cold
where was i and you we really should easy hard soft sunnyside
castanets maracas gong bell mother may sarah A.P.
of dr caligari nosferatu freaks geeks greeks romans persians
lab slab concrete   throw   rugs
now then here now here there chicken
inside front ssss tweet baaaa moo squawk liver
inside rear isbn cip appendix index kidney quack