Weekday Diary

2-May 3-May 4-May 5-May 6-May
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Dopamine 4-5 pm low all nighter huh? dopa-who? mr mellow
Serotonin medium lower turkey whopper call dr call dr burns
Norepinephrine good salient what the heck? these new now I see
Synapses yes attention testing 1 2 i don’t sin regenerating
Testosterone rushes flat whoa, baby patch me in peaking pea
Adrenals come in, adrenals? shot, as is said reminds me of on the chin hooray!
Hypothalamus in control what’s up whatsitforagain? ten-four calling all cars
Pineal Gland here i come, buddha what’s not mythos unbound right between doors of percept
Androgen keep it up, guys oh, lord don’t remember dragqueen tofurkey
Kidneys doin’ the best they can prosperity j joyce bonjour bye bye baby
Joints flexible sure, like, man pass me one call plumber n boulder dives
Neck pain in the cracks like hell breaking down if i didn’t have to disintegrating
Foot 3 dr’s, 3 opinions king of shoes foot fetish now i know Y pain
Dry Spot on Elbow better still dry all of a sudden one more thing now what!
Cyst Under Right Eye not aware now on left aware go away what the hell!
Mole on Left Cheek hide and seek play with me now where did? rodent off patent
Red Spots on Chest where o where pop goes the liver malfunction if these don’t then what will?
Anal Itch pass come on itched to death days of my life sweet lorraine
Erection Direction up up and away stick it to me inverted viagra is there one? E.D. the film
BM Color sorry, didn’t notice baby green come on dial dr death are you still at?
BM Texture ditto pass yuk striated soy beans
BM yup ditto no no don’t remember
Hydration tea and broth on the moon ten glasses out of sight call gary null
Vertigo afternoon I think of mother cooper or peck? all day, all night off w/her head
Mucous draw a big blank cry thickly slurpee you mean snot
B.O. no feedback stay a way I don’t get it you have yours I love you too
Gas do we have to? the cause this time excessive grapes unlimited supply the gods must be
Tic neck a while, then go tac toe toe
Cracked Soles better get out the yes they are try these rub it up
Obsession Index intermittent–2 of 10 off scale pass the perfume hi, honey give me the fing
Clarity here & there sure, whatever on a scale of is this some joke barometer
Memory of what? your fortune palace overused over and out
Compassion for my apple blossoms your nature level 5 alert I am all ass
Politics disgusting now I am serious unforgettable insufferable no new taxes
Stock Market roller wizard of crooked why bother stock it up
Weather bikable yes or not it’s all the same unpredictable
War as they become available can’t watch turn off tv they’re so young the point?