These works have been published in print or online periodicals, or in anthologies, or on tape or the Internet. See the Books section of this website and the Curriculum Vitae for information on book-length publications. Some of the poems on this page also can be found in the books.

Aaron, Gone Soft
A Short Story Made Long, Bachy 10
Brilliance in Bed, Slow Trains
By the Metro, Bachy 4
Cake, Jewish Currents
Clouds Cover the Mark, Junction
Composer Corrections, X-Peri
Counting Whales in the Mojave, Care Connections
Cycle, Third Rail
Echo at Split Mountain, VPW 5 (Venice Poetry Workshop Fifth Anniversary Anthology)
Fado for Zaragoza, HaLapid, Winter 2019
Flower, Bachy 4
From an Old Chinese Text on Yoga, The Empty Vessel
Genealogy, Bachy 4
Inside Abraham’s Tent, Numinous
Isadora Duncan Salome 1/2
journey, Direction
Lament of the Jews of Jerez, HaLapid, Winter 2019
Lament of the Jews of Pamplona, HaLapid, Winter 2019
Laurel, Slow Trains (titled “Tumbling” in Seasons of Love and Loss on this web site)
1961, Summer 1979 New York State Waterways Project
One Day It Stopped, Willmore City
Pas de Deux, Bachy 4
People Dancing, Louisville Recreation Center Chapbook
Pet Shop, October 1979 New York State Waterways Project
Postamble, HaLapid, Winter 2019
Rambam Laments, Midstream
Rebirth, Bits 2
Reshut to Nishmat 1, Poetica
Second Pas de Deux, Salome 1/2
Segoviana: A Souvenir of Segovia, HaLapid, Winter 2019
Song of the Mathematician, Bachy 4
Susan, Junction
Text on Painting, Bachy 10
The Fawn, New Earth Review
The Firebird, Salome 1/2
The Fourth Option, Kansas Quarterly
Them, Bachy 10
The Meeting, Bachy 10
The Pearl Diver, The Empty Vessel
The Play, Bachy 10
The Room, Junction
The Rubber Bands, riverrun
The Song, Dodeca
The Talmud of Death, Poetica
The Woman, Third Rail
The Wrecking Crew, Louisville Recreation Center Chapbook
To Witness, Beatitude
Tumbling, Slow Trains
Two Poems by Pierre Louys, The Helen Review 
venice west venice, Zone One

The following were all published in 2015 in the Boulder Jewish News and are now included in my book Here I Seek You: Jewish Poems for Shabbat, Holy Days, and Everydays (2016):

ALAS!–EICHAH!–You Sit Alone (An Elegy for Tishah b’Av)
All Is Beautiful and Holy
Blazing Stars
Come and See
Could We Live
Everything That Breathes Praises You
Here I Seek You
I Have Sought You
I Think of You
Let’s Thank the Mystery of Life
Light of Lights
Nine Days of Breath
Only You
What or Who Is the Source of Blessing?
Who Is Like You?
Without Saying Why
You Who Creates Day and Night

“Here I Seek You,” by Fiona Evison. Performed December 10, 2019, at the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue in New York City by the Mendelssohn Glee Club at its 154th annual winter concert, and included in the program notes.

Most of these have also been published in my book Chance Music: Prose Poems 1974-1982 (2012)
An Apocrypha, Partisan Review
Art of Dance, Salome 8/9
At the Dock, Junction
At the Theatre, Zone One
At the Opera, Thunder Mountain Review
Chance Music, Gallimaufry
Country Bumpkins, Beyond Baroque
Delicate View of the Steeple, The Brooklyn College Alumni Literary Review
End of an Era, Pinstripe Fedora
Fifth Daughter, Pinstripe Fedora
The House, Motley-Locus-Focus [and also published as a chapbook The House (2008)]
Lakes of the Clouds, The Brooklyn College Alumni Literary Review
Life’s Tilted Cup, Wisconsin Review
Literature of Mountains, The Brooklyn College Alumni Literary Review
Mediterranean Sunlight, The Brooklyn College Alumni Literary Review
The Missing Flower, Salome 8/9
Movement Underwater Brings No Grief, Thunder Mountain Review
Neighbor John, New Infinity Review
On the Trail of Borges, In Stereo Press (prose-poem essay)
North-South Game, Pinstripe Fedora
Poem with a Shape, Bachy 10
Preamble, Pinstripe Fedora
Search for Survivors, Bachy 10
South of the Border, Monkey Puzzle
Sustained Tone, Jumping in Place, Thunder Mountain Review
The Word That Was Lost, Technology of the Heart

See the publications list in the Sound Poems section for more information on some of these publications.
Ah Kiss Me, X-Peri
Axioms, In Stereo Press
Colorado, Louisville Recreation Center Chapbook and In Stereo
The Fawn, New Earth Review
Heated and Cheated, Variety Theater: An Anthology of Recorded Sound Poetry
He Be Gee Be, Baobab 5
Honey Honey, Black Box 12
It Is, Breathingspace/77 and
Kola Joe, Baobab 5
Long Poem, Variety Theater: An Anthology of Recorded Sound Poetry
Miami Maya, Black Box 12
Oh No,
Short Poem, Oggi Poesia Domani 1/30 September 1979Breathingspace/77, and
Thor Speaks, X-Peri
Torah Tarot, X-Peri
Wichita Falls 1, Text-Sound Texts and Breathingspace/77
Wichita Falls 2, Text-Sound Texts and Black Box 12

Crisis in Poetry (essay). A Critical Ninth Assembling (Precisely: 6789). Compiled and Introduced by Richard Kostelanetz. New York, 1979
Interview with John Ashbery. Coauthored by Ellen Wisoff. The Modularist Review
Jane Elderberry and the Poetics of Piracy (faux essay about the late John Ashbery). The Modularist Review 3

TRANSLATIONS FROM THE CHINESE by Mansing Lee and Henry Rasof
A Letter to Governor Wei Chi (Wang Wei), Zone 2
Deer’s Abode (Wang Wei), The Empty Vessel
House at the Foot of Chung-nan (Wang Wei), Contact II
The Search (Jia Dao), The Empty Vessel
Thoughts (Li Po), The Empty Vessel
To Governor Chang (Wang Wei), Yoga Journal
Spring (Meng Haoran), The Empty Vessel