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THE PERSIAN LETTERS: A Medieval Persian General’s Wartime Letters to His Wife

Here at last are the 36 remarkable letters you have been waiting for since 1976, when the first batch of 23 letters were first were translated into English by an Iranian friend and then edited by yours truly. The remaining 13 letters were discovered, translated, and edited in 2019.

The letters were in the possession of his family for over 400 years and tell the unique story of a reluctant general living in Persia in the eleventh century. The general is not mentioned in any books about Persia-Iran, so these letters add to what is commonly known about the tumultuous period.

This is a man who would rather be listening to music, having interesting discussions with interesting people, philosophizing, eating good food, and being with his wife than battling Turkish rebels in a war he eventually would lose. He is an ethical, gentle, perceptive, sensitive, educated man who, in addition to being engaged in military battles, is engaged in battles with his sickly body.

I hope you will enjoy these letters and perhaps draw some inspiration for dealing with any battles of your own.

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Thank you–and enjoy!.