Addendum to Tikkunei Zohar*: A Recently Discovered Fragment

You are beyond understanding
Neither male nor female, big nor small
Expanded nor contracted, divisible nor indivisible
Neither one, two, three, nor four nor ten

What I think you are
You are not
What I think you are not
You very well might or might not be

You have one name
A hundred names
One hundred thousand
And no name

You also go by the name of the nameless one
And by a nameless name
Unprounceable by some
Pronouncable by others

Although you have form and no form
Some say that you were formed
Some that you formed
Were both created and uncreated

You are the one who created the universe in a Big Bang
Who held everything in a steady state
Who contracted to allow the universe to form
Then expanded to emptiness

You both play dice and determine everything
And oversee each infinitesimal iota of creation
From the movements of viruses in mites
To the motions of galaxies and electrons

You also just let things happen
Without directing anything
Without interfering
However good, however bad

You do this in this world
And in all the others
Before, now, and in the future
Although of course there is no before, now, and future

Some would give you a human body
With hands, toes, eyes, and heart
Each corresponding to a Hebrew letter
And a face with different countenances

But of course you both are and are not like this
And like everything between, beyond, and beyond the beyond
For if man, why not woman, flower, ant, or dinosaur
Or even stone, sand, or water?


I awake in the morning
Contemplating these matters
Trying to decide when
Or even whether to get up

The news today, as it is every day,
Is terrible. Man’s inhumanity to man
Is the theme of the day, the week, month, year, and decade.
How could things go so awry?

There is no answer to such a question
So I get up, do my thing, and try to rejoice
In the temporarily blue beautiful sky
Songs of blackbirds and robins

The sight of a squirrel
Licking pecan bits off the deck
A blue jay hovering nearby
Waiting to be tossed a peanut.

At these moments it doesn’t matter what You are
Or aren’t, whether You even are, because everything comes together
In an affirmation of the details of life
However they came to be
Also written Tikkunei ha-Zohar. One of the components of the Zohar, the Book of Splendor.