I am available for readings, workshops, presentations, and consulting.

Poetry Readings–These could be of regular poetry, prose poems, Jewish work, sound poetry, or a combination.

Workshops–These could be on Jewish creative writing for adults or children, or workshops for writers on specialized topics like procrastination, unleashing your imagination, experimentation, and sacred/religious poetry.

Presentations–These could be on topics like medieval Jewish Spain, travel in India or Japan, or how to work poetry into religious services. Four travel presentations could be built around slideshows:

  • Travels in Jewish Spain
  • Visiting¬†Moiseville, a former Jewish agricultural colony in Argentina
  • Travels (and travails) in India, based on my three trips, with the focus on Indian travel in general (including highlights of the following), or on spiritual and religious places (including the old synagogue in Kochi, Kerala, in South India); or on north/south Indian music
  • Travels in Japan, based on my two trips–this is more general and covers temples, gardens, food, people, cultural highlights, and travel tips

Consulting–This could be on subjects like setting up a creative-writing program at your school, developing writing activities with teachers, and traveling to Jewish places in Spain.

Contact me at [email protected] or via mail at 116 Monarch St., Louisville, CO, 80027, or via the following form: