Mr Tea.Henry Rasof has been writing poetry since 1964 and publishing and giving readings since 1968. He has degrees in music, creative writing, and Jewish studies. He worked in book publishing for thirty years, has edited literary magazines and a chapbook series, and has taught writing courses and workshops. Although he has written plenty of “regular” poems, “experimentation,” taking many forms, always has been his main interest.

His print publications include magazines such as HaLapidPartisan Review, Wisconsin Review, Kansas Quarterly, Bits, Black Box, Midstream, Jewish Currents, and Poetica; anthologies such as Assembling and Text-Sound Texts; and electronic publications such as X-PeriNuminous, In Stereo, and the Boulder Jewish News. He also has published four books of poems and prose poems: The House (2009); Chance Music: Prose Poems 1974 to 1982 (2012); Here I Seek You: Jewish Poems for Shabbat, Holy Days, and Everydays (2016); and Souls in the Garden: Poems About Jewish Spain (2019). His web site Medieval Hebrew Poetry includes well-known poets’ English translations of medieval Hebrew poems; articles and original essays; a bibliography; photographs; and other information.

He also was a professional oboist in the late 1960s and early 1970s, performing classical music with various groups and in different venues, from churches to small concert halls. From 1966 to 1969 he also played electric oboe with The Orkustra, an experimental ensemble comprising, in addition to oboe, amplified acoustic bass, amplified violin, electric guitar, and drums, and performing in San Francisco and Berkeley. Some sample songs, a poster, and an illustration of the group can be found at The Orkustra. Much more information about the Orkustra, plus photographs, can be found on the Italian rock historian Bruno Ceriotti’s wonderful web site. Unfortunately, in late April 2020 I cannot get this site to load on my computer, but I hope you succeed. If the link doesn’t work, you can go directly to his web site http://brunoceriotti.weebly.com/the-orkustra.html by cutting and pasting this link into your search engine. Another option is to click on the following link for a .pdf file of his site that also is part of my web site: The Orkustra by Bruno Ceriotti.

If you can’t access Bruno’s site and are going to read the text on my web site, you will want to view illustrations by just typing The Orkustra into your search engine–most likely google–and then clicking Images.

Henry Rasof lives in Colorado and enjoys travel, especially to exotic places. He has been to India three times and Japan twice, in addition to Latin America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Israel.

Check out his most recent print book of original poems!Souls in the Garden book coverAlso take look at .pdf versions of a collection of his Jewish poems and prose pieces, most of which are on this web site and on his www.medievalhebrewpoetry.org web site but are not in a print collection.

Rivers in Paradise: Jewish Poetry and Prose

And look at .pdf versions of three brand-new books he edited:

The Wit, Whimsy, Wisdom, and Wordplay of Bernard Rasof PhD [my father!], Including but Not Limited to Virtuous Limericks, Rhymes of No Reason, Restaurant Reviews, Shaggy Doggerel, Vapid Variations, Nonsense, and More (or Less). And, this book is now available in print. Click the link for more information on the book, a link to a .pdf copy, and instructions for ordering a print copy: Wit, Whimsy, Wisdom, and Wordplay

The Persian Letters: A Medieval Persian General’s Wartime Letters to His Wife

Bees in the Garden: Poems by the Masala Mystic

And finally, take a look at something he finished in January 2020,

In a Beginning, God Created Adam, Lilith, La Petenera, and . . . ,

a meld of Jewish and Spanish legend and lore. It’s only a few pages long,
so taking a look won’t hurt, at least not  too much.